Applied Learning Centre | Testimonials
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We partnered ALC Pte Ltd in giving our kids coding lessons and since they really enjoyed it we have moved forward to offer other STEM programs in Engineering, starting in the September holidays. ALC has the most complete range of STEM modules for children below 12 years old.

Evelyn Tan/Director

Shine Bright Student Care Pte Ltd

ALC is very systematic and organised with the delivery of STEM programs. We partnered them to give our children a mobile game creation and design and the kids loved it so much, that we are doing for the whole term 3.

Jaye Sim/Director

JSim Education Pte Ltd

I was very impressed with ALC when they used Codey Rocky (Ed-tech Robot) launched in US just five months ago to teach Artificial Intelligence, internet of things and coding. Whilst ALC has the usual coding and robotics, they are definitely leading in terms of STEM programs in Singapore. Great programs and delivery.

Madam Sharifah/Director

Edureach Services

My son who has mild ADHD has really excelled with the STEM programs offered by ALC in particular the mobile game creation and design. I definitely will continue sending him, as I feel that whilst he is not academically incline he really enjoys the engineering of building and constructing. I decided to get him one to one coaching from ALC.

James Wong/Parent