Applied Learning Centre | Our Programs
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Our Programs

Our team of STEM professionals has extensive knowledge of STEM education catering to the different levels. We can customize and work with your organization and/or school to implement a multi-year strategy and roadmap depending on what level you wish to achieve. We provide ongoing support to keep you up to date with new programs, and help with traceability to standards.

The following are some of the programs we provide:


In this course, students will be introduce to life sciences concepts related to the human body through the use of engineering devices and robots. Students learn about the similarities and differences


Students will be introduce to the world of creative engineering product design. Students are to work in teams and complete an actual design challenge presented in six steps.


Students will be introduced to computer science and they will get to create fun and interesting stories. Students will learn the vocabulary of computer science and build and create simple animation


In this course, students will be exposed to the concept of Design and Animation. Students will have a hands-on experience of doing drawings and animating the characters and scenes to tell a story.

Artificial Intelligence

In this course, students will be introduced to AI and how AI are used in our daily lives.

Programs from the Singapore Science Centre/Marshall Cavendish (Primary & Secondary Level)