An exemplary end result

Applied Learning Centre, was established with a dream of promoting STEAM education to preschools, kindergartens and primary schools. I focus on children below 12 years of age. I strive to prepare them for Primary school by touching their lives with the very latest Applied Learning programmes. According to MOE by 2023 every school will conduct applied learning programmes.

I believe that STEAM is the next revolution in the education landscape representing a paradigm shift from traditional learning to a more experiential and practical orientation to prepare our children with the prerequisites for the future, namely creativity and innovation. Towards this objective I believe Teacher Training is a prerequisite and do hope your centre shares the same standards. Enrol for our STEAM Teacher Training now.

Early Childhood

My Early Years Programs are specifically designed to incorporate ECDA iTEACH Principles, covering the learning areas and STEAM components. My philosophy is such my lessons are designed to be in sync in preparing them for primary. They are educational, entertaining and fun filled with quality activities utilizing the latest technology. STEAM education is the new 21st century system of integrating “applied learning” where students learn by engaging in direct application of skills, theories and models.

ALP/STEAM Primary Kids

These courses are the natural pathway of what they have learned in pre-school. However, for students who have done my pre-school STEAM they would transition with ease. STEAM in pre-school is vital and essential for children to ensure they are not lost and left behind as they enter Primary One. Our programs are dynamic and constantly evolving. Every quarter we examine and review such that it is current and relevant. Thus your child will be a happy learner, with a strong foundation in science, technology, engineering, art and math.


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ALP/STEAM Teacher Training

I am a pioneer and the first to conduct comprehensive and structured teacher training for teachers in STEAM Pedagogy. Increasingly teachers are requested to teach STEAM of which they literally have no idea. As I am concerned with the quality of programs and pedagogy, I have established a register to affirm those centres that have had teachers trained. These centres are certified, assessed and audited every two years. Once they have passed they are competent to execute Applied Learning Programs/STEAM Enrichment.