Young Engineers Singapore for Pre-schoolers is exclusive to ALC. Children start playing with Lego when they are 3 years old. Through Lego, they develop fine motor skills and the ability to work progressively in stages, they acquire planning skills and enjoy an imaginative and social game. Lego serves as tool that evokes motivation and a desire to develop such skills. The children will learn how to independently build models in stages and increasing levels of difficulty. 

Baby Mabotics

Another exclusive product for ALC. One of the best AI STEAM toys to let kids build, customize, and program robots, exploring mechanics, engineering, coding, and developing STEAM skills. Modular design, easy to assemble with multi-angle plug for multiple forms of robots. The Hot-plugging function allows easy accessibility and uninterrupted gaming and comes with an entertaining app that turns learning into a game and it is FULLY compatible with Lego.  Mabot integrates complex functions into quality ball modules, so kids can just simply plug and play!


Today our economy is driven by disruptions, Apps such as Grab, Agoda, AirBNB and AliExpress have transformed the global landscape of retailing. The course objectives are to introduce students to mobile applications and how to create one. The students should utilise the skills procured in this module to further develop their own apps. I will list it on Playstore and Appstore for them.

App Techie

This program incorporates the use of technology and the very latest apps for education across a spectrum of syllabus for pre-schoolers. Each lesson will introduce and use one app for the lesson, ranging from letter sounds, the basic building blocks to fluent reading, colouring, storytelling, coding and animation. The children and the parents can continue using the app for their child’s development. (The Apps are the top 8 in ranking per quarter by Intech and only for preschoolers/primary school children.)

Junior Pilots

With this program, students can learn the concept of being “hands-on”and learn all about aeronautics.  By compiling the concepts of  aviation, planes, science, engineering and fun, “Junior Pilots” helps them to grow and accomplish tasks at hand. By gaining basic engineering knowledge, students are able to grasp the learning curve of what is expected of them as they will inevitably turn into young adults.


Ozobot is the world’s smallest robot that blends the physical and digital worlds — and teaches kids programming. Ozobot can identify lines, colors, and codes on both digital surfaces, such as an iPad, and physical surfaces. Students learn how Ozobot senses its environment and moves in it. They also learn how to give commands to Ozobots via OzoCodes, which is the color code language that Ozobot understands. Students will be able to programme an Ozobot to visit different places on a map and guide the class through their map explaining the major places along the way.



Outstanding Applied Learning Programmes STEAM. Our kids really enjoyed themselves on the Young Engineers Programme that honed their coding and computational thinking skills. Will definitely continue our collaboration. Well Done ALC!

SHARIFAH KASSIM Managing Director- Edureach

We were concerned that our kids will be doing Applied Learning Programmes/STEAM when they start Primary One. Thus we wanted to get our teachers fully trained on conducting such programmes. I was very impressed with ALC’s STEAM Teacher Training and in particular their Young Engineers Lego Programme. If you want excellent pre-school STEAM programmes, I highly recommend ALC.

SALBIAH RAMLI Director-CherryKidz
Director Babysteps

We wanted to get certification for our centre and ensure our teachers are fully qualified to conduct STEAM for pre-schoolers. We are very proud to be associated with ALC Singapore. We currently use their Applied Learning Programmes/STEAM for our outlets in Hong Kong and China.

We chose Applied Learning Centre as the initial discussion with them gave us confidence their programme could meet our achievable goals. Moreover, ALC could provide a certificate which would endorse our Centre for having received STEAM training. This was important in our active search for value creation to our clients. Our teachers enjoyed the fun and interactive training. Importantly, it helped them realise how simple a STEAM lesson could possibly be without losing its essence. My staff have more confidence and clearer understanding of STEAM education. Our key objectives were met. 

Executive Director-Ananias Centre

We met ALC to discuss their STEAM Programmes for our K1 and K2 and were pleasantly surprised to learn they also conducted STEAM Teacher Training. Artskidz have long been trying to implement STEAM lessons and wanted to inculcate a STEAM culture. ALC did a wonderful job meeting our objectives and thank you so much for the STEAM Teacher Training yesterday.  All staff enjoyed it immensely and were  inspired towards embedding STEAM in their Toy Shop Projects for next term.  LOL They are so motivated they have been busy planning and discussing since early this morning. ALC is now conducting STEAM Programmes for our K1 and K2s.

KIM CLINTON Principal-Artskidz